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Joining Our Group

Postdoctoral Associates

Inquiries regarding opportunities for postdoctoral research in our laboratory are welcome. In general strong backgrounds in fields related to Metabolic Engineering or Bioinformatics are required. Postdoctoral Associates in our group are expected to work independently and provide leadership for more junior investigators. They will be responsible for carry a project from inception of an idea to publication. To assist our Postdoctoral Associates in moving their careers forward, the laboratory offers an exciting environment for those seeking to integrate metabolic function with gene expression. Under the umbrella of Metabolic Engineering, our group brings together specialists in biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, bioreaction network analysis, and bioinformatics. Our vigorous group discussions provide insight from many angles to sharpen the focus of each project and maximize opportunity for success. Alumni from this lab have moved on to outstanding positions in industry and academia.

Although there is flexibility, at present we are specifically seeking individuals with expertise in the following areas:

  • Mass spectrometry techniques for determining isotopic enrichment in metabolic studies. 
  • Molecular biology of mammalian cells - especially transfection and related techniques. 
  • Hepatic physiology and biochemistry - especially metabolic flux measurements. 

Address inquiries to our group via e-mail at MIT is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Doctoral candidates

Before joining our group as a doctoral candidate, students must be accepted into an graduate degree program at MIT. Most of the doctoral candidates in our laboratory are in the department of Chemical Engineering. However, we also have researchers from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Bioengineering.

Visiting Researchers or Students

Opportunities for specialized research projects for highly qualified visitors may be available. Address inquiries to our group via e-mail at


Address <p>Department of Chemical Engineering</p> <p>Massachusetts Institute of Technology</p> <p>77 Massachusetts Ave,</p> <p>Room 56-469</p> <p>Cambridge, MA 02139</p>


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